Unweekly Report 2021 No. 5

Hello, this is unweekly report No.5 from 2021! It’s exactly 1 month after last released! Please read the contents:


  • TestSTG4
  • New Project
  • Terraria
  • Rune Factory


This used to be a project to test SpriteKit, one of Apple’s native game development framework. However I overestimated its power.

The performance of it just can’t handle a bullet hell game. You can’t even access to primitive rendering which I hope will increase the render speed.

And due to many other reasons, the project is terminted for now.

New Project

The next project will be Spice & Wolf ~ Merchants of the Fantasy. It will be using LibKtx as the development engine. A test project will be scheduled before this project to get used to ktx’s structure and Kotlin itself.

Another project will be KoTo which stands for KOtlin TOuhou. It’s the sequel to Jade and will be written in LibKtx. The idea is proposed by Zzzyt to make enhancement on the structure of the Jade engine.


2 weeks ago, Terraria has got a -50% discount and I bought it. I am playing with RLG every Saturday afternoon. I am also developing a Terraria mod Addon Tools - Terraria Edition. It will receive update very slowly and steadily and will be worked along other projects.

It will be close sourced and, as usual, not released on Terraria’s mod server.

Rune Factory

RF5 released a while ago in Japan, however I have to wait at least 4 months for the HK version to release. Or I have to wair longer for the English version to release.

In such a modern world, why would a company not release a product worldwide, especially for a big one?