About Me


Hello, everyone! This page copies the format of Zzzyt’s homepage.

I usually appear online under the name XGN. It stands for XiaoGeNintendo because when I was in primary school I really liked Mario games. Now I usually don’t call myself by this name because of copyright problem. My user IDs and other links are in the Review::Link page.

Other basic introduction please go to Review::Introduction

I’m a member of HellHoleStudios. Never mind its name, that’s just a Tell Tale Game parody.


I’ve explored many areas of programming, including:

  • competitive programming
  • games with tons of framework(Cocos, Godot, Unreal, DMF, Unitale, GDevelop, Scratch and so on)
  • java web (using Tomcat)
  • tiny but useful tools
  • a bit of machine learning
  • Swift and WWDC

I use C++ for CP, java as my main language for large projects and use python for scripts. Of course, I use Swift but not ObjC to develop iOS stuff. I am now preparing for WWDC21 and will learn node.js

You can pay a visit to My Software Preference


I am a very easy-going person. I play a lot of different genres. You may have a lot in common with me.

I am currently interested/involved in the following genres/franchise:

  • Mario (Kart/Party/Paper) (Can’t play well)
  • Kirby (Cleared some games?)
  • Touhou Project and Len’en Project(Struggling to clear normal)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin (Currently playing on Hard)
  • Osu (You bet, I suck)
  • Spice and Wolf (Start recently)
  • Minecraft
  • Rune Factory (Start at 4Sp)
  • Pokemon
  • Miss Kobayoshi’s Dragon Maid
  • Kemono Friends
  • Ace attorney (Finished 1/2/3/4/6/Dai1/Dai2)
  • Danganronpa (Finished Game 1/2)
  • Undertale (Including DR)
  • Aola Star (Haven’t played since 3 years ago)
  • Zelda (Not really into this thing)
  • Monster Hunter (Really suck)
  • Harvest Moon (Stopped subscribing after a while)
  • Puzzles and Dragons
  • Terraria
  • ScribbleNauts (Only played Unlimited still uncleared)

Can you find something in common?😜 Mostly furry/Nintendo stuff.


I do use FL Studios and Famitracker. I do have Blender. But my art and music skill equals 0. Nevermind.

中文(Baidu Fanyi)






  • 竞争性编程(OI)
  • 游戏(Cocos、Godot、Unreal、DMF、Unitale、GDevelop、Scratch等)
  • java web(使用Tomcat)
  • 微小但有用的工具
  • 一点机器学习
  • Swift和WWDC


我目前对以下类型/系列 感兴趣/参与其中:

  • 马里奥(卡丁车/派对/报纸)(打得不好)
  • 星之卡比(清除了一些游戏?)
  • 东方和连缘(努力清理正常)
  • 太鼓达人(目前正在努力)
  • Osu(当然,我很烂)
  • 狼与香辛料(最近开始)
  • 我的世界
  • 符文工厂(从4Sp开始)
  • 口袋妖怪
  • 龙女仆
  • 兽娘动物园
  • 逆转裁判(完成1/2/3/4/6/大1/大2)
  • 弹丸论破(完成游戏1/2)
  • 传说之下(包括DR)
  • 奥拉星(3年前就没玩过了)
  • 塞尔达(不太喜欢这个东西)
  • 怪物猎人(真是糟透了)
  • 牧场物语(过了一会儿就不玩了)
  • 智龙迷城
  • 泰拉瑞亚
  • 涂鸦者(只玩了无限仍未通关)

  • 你能找到共同点吗?😜 大部分是兽圈/任天堂的东西。

本人不穿fur suit!