Unweekly Report 2021 No. 1

Welcome to Unweekly Report! This is the first report of 2021. Please read the content:


  • What’s this report??
  • Ace attorney 5
  • Spice and Wolf
  • Pressing Competition 2
  • Schedule for the winter holiday

I. What’s this report

Welcome to Unweekly report by XGN! In these posts, I will report some recent progresses and share some life details with you! This may update not very often.

This report concludes the life from 2021/1/29 to 2021/2/8

II. Ace Attorney 5

Recently I got a Chinese copy from Baidu Tieba. However it comes with 3DS format which I had to decrypt to CIA to install.

Unfortunately I haven’t installed GodMode9 or anything else than Luma on my 3DS so I had to do it.

It’s like the god of luck is battling against me and it showed a black screen while trying to open the payload chain. It’s a bug of Luma.

About the game, the graphics and system has improved a lot. But the story might be worse.

I have only cleared the first episode. I need further investigation. Stay tuned for my Game Review Page!

III. Spice and Wolf

Recently I finished Spice and Wolf Volume 1 to 17, all main books. Very nice series!

Although it’s hard to understand at some time, the main line is clear and can be followed with no difficulty.

Also I finished the VR game 2.

Here’s a spoiler-free meme one-word conclusion for each volume:

Book/Story One-word Conclusion Rating
Vol.1 Underground B
Vol.2 Smuggle A
Vol.3 Lover S
Vol.4 Faith B
Vol.5 Collateral S
Vol.6 Boat B
Vol.7A Play B
Vol.7B Prosperous B
Vol.7C Sick A
Vol.8&9 Non-understandable C
Vol.10 Goat S
Vol.11A Promise A
Vol.11B Path A
Vol.11C Cradle C
Vol.12 Mystery C
Vol.13A Part-time B
Vol.13B Coin A
Vol.13C Pricetag A
Vol.13D Priesthood B
Vol.14 Crossway S
Vol.15 Peace A
Vol.16 Coin S
Epilogue Kiss S

IV. Pressing Competition 2

It’s game I am working on recently. Huge thanks to Zzzyt and MonkeyKing to help playtesting!

This game will receive a few updates more, mostly character update. Stay tuned if you like it!

V. Schedules

I had OI classes from Jan 29th to Jan 31st and had 1 hour to use my computer every day.

Then from Feb 1st to Feb 7th I had full day class. I had to get up at 9am and get back home at 9pm. I had a 2h rest in the noon but I was at Zhuky.RLG’s house and cannot use computer. So I had to spend the time watching Spice and Wolf.

Start from Feb 8th I will be free in the afternoon and evening. I will be working on several projects:

  • Pressing Competition 2
  • Play Ace Attorney 5
  • Play Super Mario 3D World
  • WWDC Project
  • Continue reading Spice and Wolf
  • 2021 Typing Game (Coming Soon™)
  • Homework

Hope you enjoy this report!