Unweekly Report 2021 No. 2

Welcome to Unweekly Report! This is the second report of 2021. Please read the content:


  • What I am doing right now
  • What project can I expect
  • What games am I playing

I. What I am doing right now

Today is the first day of school, so I am busy with my schoolwork. Unfortunately, I have an English speech to deliver this Friday and another speech competition to attend next week.

Also I am working on MIST, a submission for WWDC21. I hope to finish it before deadline.

II. What project can I expect

After MIST is finished, I will work on the following projects:

1. Pressing Competition 2

Pressing Competition 2 will receive a few more updates about new characters. They will be delivered about once a week. If I don’t feel like coding, no update will be delivered that week..

2. Test STG 4

TestSTG4 will be a extremely simple STG using Spritekit in Swift. It will be released for iOS only. I want to improve my Swift skill and write some mobile game. Also it’s for the first project of HHS to be published on iOS. Open-source as usual.

3. Jade

I will probably continue Jade, the STG engine by Zzzyt. It’s a headache engine with weird sturcture and I will try my best. Don’t expect anything from this.

4. Spice & Wolf ~ Merchants of the Fantasy

This will be another huge project making with Godot. It will be both a fangame of Spice and Wolf NDS Game and Touhou Project

You can experience core and improved system from S&W and positions from Touhou. If you haven’t played any of these games, don’t worry, you can also enjoy it.

As this is a huge project, you shouldn’t expect it to be started fast. This project will probably take several weeks to finish. Probably closed-source.

The fate of this project is still unknown. When it comes to big projects, I always give up without starting.

5. Homepage

I will try to improve and enhance my game reviewing page using core of HHS Project Page. This will be done at school IT class and fragment time.

6. Godot Coffee Making Simulator

In this game you will make coffee for Godot, the famous prosecutor from Ace Attorney! The game will be made in Godot. Start date unknown, closed-source.

III. What games am I playing

I am trying to finish Ace Attorney 5 and Taiko no Tatsujin Rhythm Game 2 right now.

After March I will be playing Monster Hunter Rise

Slow update is expected.

Hope you enjoy this report!