Unweekly Report 2021 No. 6

Hello, this is unweekly report No.6 from 2021! Please read the contents:


  • Status
  • S&W
  • New plan
  • Koto


The final exam is in one week, and I have to prepare for that. That kinda sucks.

No update this week I suppose.


Remember the Spice & Wolf fangame earlier, it is being carried out! An alpha version has been released among Hell Hole Studios and I am working on it!

No estimated release time though…

New plan

Next game I will be using the famous Ink to create an interactive version of the novel The Lost Hikari. You will role-play as Hikari while progressing through this story.

Estimated start time unknown…


It doesn’t have an official release yet, but the code can be peeked here. I will be working on high-level APIs when Zzzyt finishes his work.