Unweekly Report 2021 No. 8

Unweekly Report 2021 No. 8

Welcome back to another episode of Unweekly Report! This is the 8th report in year 2021.


  • Spice & Wolf: Merchants of Fantasy
  • Rune factory
  • Koto & TestSTG5 & Future STG Project
  • Next: Timer Dungeon

I. Spice & Wolf

Spice & Wolf fangame is a proposal from March this year. It was officially started in June. It’s a fangame to both Touhou and Spice and Wolf series.

Now Zhuky.RLG and I are writing stories for it. The game is in prerelease state and should be released in this year.

I’ll post another blog when it is finally out.

II. Rune factory

Rune factory 5’s asia edition is going to release on September 2nd and I am going to try it out. Now I am revisiting Rune factory 4 special.

It’s a very attracting game and I like it a lot. New games’ development will not start until I finish Rune factory 5(or for some reason I don’t get my copy of the game).

III. STG Project

Zzzyt is developing Koto, which is another Touhou style STG engine. Currently it’s in alpha stage.

TestSTG5 will be a seperate branch to unofficially enhance the engine and a demo game under the same name will be released.

Re:ZJSTG may get remade once again!

IV. Next Major Project

Next major project is a revisit to timer dungeon which is a roguelike prototype game I proposed years ago. Now I decided to give it a retry.

The game takes inspiration from Rune Factory, Marchen Forest and Touhou. It includes players and enemies move in a specific rhythm. Different enemies have different timers and moving patterns and you have your own.

The game will be developed using libKTX and SquidLib. A test project of SquidLib will be made first.