Unweekly Report 2023 No. 12

Unweekly Report 2023 No. 12

Welcome back to another episode of Unweekly Report! This is the 1st report in 2023 and the 12th report in total.


  1. After Gaokao
  2. Offline Dictionary
  3. Gaokao revision 100 day
  4. Next: OC Publisher
  5. LSS Short final??

I. After Gaokao

After a very busy Senior 3, most HHS members including me and XIZCM especially have stepped out of the senior era and are moving to the new era of university.

XIZCM and I took the path of Gaokao. In case you don’t know, Gaokao, aka the Chinese College Entrance Examination, is the (usually) only chance for senior students to get into a good college. Therefore, great efforts and devotion are required. That’s why I have disappeared for a whole year or so.

I’ve been admitted into the Nanjing University Qiangji ICT class which is said to be full of hard-working students. Therefore, it’s very possible that I don’t have many time working for my personal project after the summer break ends.

People say in China and Japan the university period is the only time for a short break in one’s life, however that may not be true for me.

However, I will be working on my side projects whenever I am free and have the motivation to.

II. Offline Dictionary

The latest project is OfflineDict, which can be found on my Github. Recently I discovered a new Web UI framework called Fomantic-UI which seems to be a fork of Semantic UI. In order to get familiar with this framework and improve my frontend ability I created this website. Now it’s used as Ryujin dictionary.

III. Gaokao revision 100 days

It’s my latest game written with Godot. The main idea is to create a 100day-long revision plan for a student who wishes to receive a good score in Gaokao. The game uses real data in Jiangsu Gaokao 2023.

The game is currently on hold as I realized my implementation of the game is too dull. I will come up with a revision to my gameplay soon until I am satisfied.

IV. Next: OC Publisher

My next project might be OC Publisher. It will also be a client-side-only website APP using Fomantic that imitates 特盐(Teyan), a community application that allows users to create and share their original characters and worlds. The project will be used to replace my OC index.

However, as I have plans to play many games like Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and Minecraft, such a plan may not be carried out too soon.

V. LSS Short final??

It will be about parting with old friends and leading a (temporary) lonely life and is the finale of LSS series and timeline. It will be written soon™.

The series of LSS is going to end here (cuz it’s a project to practise English writing). However that does not mean I will not write anything annymore. Please stay tuned for:

  • Cakeslice series: Pieces of non-connected writings in Chinese
  • New LSS? series: Pieces of work in Japanese