Afterlife - LSS Short


I hate writing long articles, so I will make the story shorter.

Oh right, LSS does not exist anymore. Then it means, this world will be forgotten and removed soon. Don’t feel bad, it’s only a branch after all! Read Further Reading: How to know my OC first, won’t you?


The wheels of fortune,

going round and round.

Carrying greetings and farewells, happiness and sorrow, birth and death.

When it halts finally,

Everything will be silence.


No one knows why, no one knows how, but Ninetail is dead. There’s a rumor saying that she was murdered. But no one can confirm it anymore.

“…… As the most beloved maid for Miss Ninetail. I feel extremely guilty and sad. I can’t protect her.”

“However, as she always have told me: I have to live on my own. So, in order to follow her after-death order, I, Hikari are determined to live independently!”


That’s Hikari. She speaks with eyes of fire of enthusiastic and a holding fist. Unlike those weak creatures like Ookami, XGN and Doragon, she seems not to be dropping any tears, even not a sense of sadness. Maybe that’s how she was trained as a maid at the first place?

“Hikari, that’s optimistic of you to say that~ I was moved by that speech.” said XGN, sobbing quietly, “I believe you can do it! You are PROFESSIONAL, after all!”

“Believe me! I will still treat you like my ex-master!”

Wagging her tail, pointing out her fingers at XGN, smiling as her, this is our adorable and affectionate Hikari.



Ring, ring

Knock, knock

“Master XGN, it’s time to get up~ Time for a new school day~” Behind the doors was the gentle voice of Hikari. It’s not hard to imagine a dragon in its human form knocking with a big smile.

“Today’s breakfast is sweet bean bread and my speciality, cheese cake!”

On the table there were glasses of milk with a little steam coming out, golden brown bread with porcelain plates holding perfect and charming cakes. What’s more, a glorious red sheet was holding all of these things, making it more appetizing.

“Wow! That’s, that’s, far more than LUXURIOUS!” shouted Doragon.

“It tastes good too!”

“Hey! Don’t eat so fast!”

“How much time does it take to make all these?”


“If Miss Ninetail were here, she would be really amazed at your food! I really hope she could enjoy this!” XGN looked at Hikari, who had been standing back waiting. He wanted to cheer her up, apparently.

“Thank you for appreciation!”

Thus, she watched XGN and his classmates left.

“So what shall I do now?” Hikari sat down, began combing her scales on tail, “When will Miss Ninetail be back?”

“So they REALLY thought Miss Ninetail died, how stupid.” giggled Hikari, “Don’t they realize that last time Miss Ninetail ‘died’, she returned only in 2 weeks? And, how could such a strong and god-like fox die with no clue?”

Outside, there was noise from cars, roaring down the street. Inside, there was our Hikari, sitting quietly.



“So, this should do it.”

After nicely covered the cake with aluminum foil, Hikari put it inside the fridge.

“If Miss Ninetail comes back early, she will be able to enjoy this food without waiting~”

“And, how about I clean the room for her? It will be a BIG surprise~”, giggled Hikari, again.

After a hour’s work or less, Ninetail’s room became as tidy as new, shining in the sunlight.

“Report: Miss Ninetail may be back in any minute, so I have to be ready! And I shall not let her friends down, or she will blame me when she comes back! Exp. Date: 12/19.”


“Maybe I should keep two cakes. Everyone needs to eat after all”

Hikari put another cake into the fridge.

“Today I will clear her wardrobe too!”

Passionate, lovely as her, this is our Hikari.


One day, two days, three days. Then there was seven leaving and greeting.

Soon, the fridge was full of dim sum and desserts of different types. The house had been cleaned 10 or 100 times.

“Calm down, Hikari.. You are being TOO passionate. Don’t push yourself too hard.” said XGN with an embarassed face.

“OK… I will try not to overdo it… I will only do what you say from now on.”

Two weeks, three weeks, and Christmas came. However, there was no symbol that Ninetail would be back.

The cakes in fridge had turned bad, there was dust covering Ninetail’s room again.

“Report: Nothing today. Exp. Date: 12/25”

“Report: Nothing today. Exp. Date: 12/26”

“Report: Nothing today. Exp. Date: 12/30”

“Report: Nothing today. Exp. Date: 1/1”


This is our Hikari, who gets bored easily for doing nothing.


It’s 1st Jan finally.

Living room.

“Hey! Do you have any questions to ask me today? I can PREDICT your future and fortune for the next year! But one question only, OK?” said XGN proudly.

XGN knows almost everything that happened in the past and would take place in the future.

“When will Miss Ninetail be back?” whispered Hikari to XGN. She wasn’t that enthusiastic and happy as December now, it seemed.

“Hasn’t she passed away, about 1 month ago? You should know that.”

“Oh..? Aren’t you pretendi..? Sorry… Thank you very much.”

Hikari gave XGN a big hug, nearly making him suffocate.


Living Room. 2nd Jan.

“See you, my friends~”

“See you afternoon!”

Sighed, and again. After sending them off, Hikari opened the door which she hadn’t touched in half a month.

The bed made a very loud noise, but she climbed on. dipping feather in the ink, as she wrote:

A contract can make a life.It can also leave a wanderer.

She laid on bed, with a glass bottle in her hand.

“Sorry. This is farewell……? I hope it’s not……?”

This is our Hikari. Lying peacefully and silently, sparkling in the warm sunlight.

With an eternal smile as she, with a dream and goal like this, this is the greatest happiness one can have, in her standard.


Some murmur

I hate writing stuff. They are really a waste of time.

This time, as always, I wrote something too common to be good. You have guessed its ending in the first chapter, haven’t you?

Ah, as for Hikari. She is a dragon heavily controlled and limited by the contract. To her, Ninetail was her whole purpose for life. Yes, she was born to be her maid. Knowing this, why not re-read the article again?

I won’t explain how Ninetail died. I haven’t thought of it yet

Anyway, I hope you find this article very boring as much as I do.

BTW, have you played Ace Attorney 4? The poem, yes, you know it.

Damn, I want to sleep when writing this. I really want to make Hikari’s death longer and more fancy, but it turns out bad actually. Nice try.

Quick Q and A

Q: Is Ninetail really dead?

A: Yes

Q: Is Hikari dead?

A: Yes

Q: Will we still be able to see them in future problems?

A: Yes

Q: You suck at English!

A: Yes

Q: What takes you so long to update this?

A: Spice and Wolf

Q: You are such an animal!

A: Yes, as I want to be.

Q: Is Hikari really a dragon?

A: Yes

Q: Who are these bullshits??

A: Read the link over top.