Random Diary No. 1

Random diary as it is.

Today I turned 16 and I finished Spice and Wolf 2 anime as well.

I really appreciated Zhuky.RLG’s hoodie and the cake my parents bought.

Yes, I really like Spice and Wolf and I may be digging gold recently from the franchise as well.

I didn’t do any homework. It means I will be busy tomorrow. If my personality were like ZKY’s, I would probably be thinking how much I have been left behind. However, I ain’t god, I ain’t him, I am myself. :facepalm:

I still have Ace Attorney 4 and Taiko no tatsujin even Mario 3D All Stars to play but I am currently too tired to do anything.

I really want to sleep in bed lazily, reading novel. But I have no real books, only e-book. So sad

It is said that writing diaries about nothing will only make you feel more nostalgic..

I am just simply pouring my mind out.

Maybe this is more like a tweet? Or many? But I don’t feel like sending them on twitter.


Btw, I really love the way Horo speaks.

You are tired of reading, I am tired of writing.

There is USACO and Codeforces this weekend, but I don’t want to participate.

I’ve once rashly wanted to write something like “What if Hikari was born in a world where dragons are not respectful?”. However, due to my laziness, you know what’s the result.

I am now using VSC to write Markdown. It’s cool.

I feel like I am creating something like a novel, but actually it isn’t.