Unweekly Report 2021 No. 3

Hello, this is unweekly report No.3 from 2021! Please read the contents:


  • How about WWDC and other school projects?
  • What was I doing in the last 2 weeks?
  • About the projects you mentioned last report

WWDC and school project

Currently, I’ve finished my WWDC project and is still waiting for Apple’s news. I was forced to attend a Chinese AI round called Haihua. So I have to spend some time on it.

Doing in the last 2 weeks?

I’ve finished part of TestSTG4 and released part of its code to Github. Note that it’s still WIP. Unfortunately, this time the framework has a poor performance and FPS will drop even with 600 bullets.

I’ve finished Ace Attorney 5, as you can see in the reviewing page. I’ve also downloaded Monster Hunter Rise and another little game called Marchen Forest. I’ll play the latter first and once upon clearing it, MHR will be the next. So, don’t expect frequent updates in the following weeks.


  1. Pressing Competition 2 - Added all characters till TH17. It’s done.

  2. Test STG 4 - WIP

  3. Jade - Deserted as expected

  4. Spice & Wolf ~ Merchants of the Fantasy - Unstarted as expected

  5. Homepage - Need some further update but mainly done

  6. Godot Coffee Making Simulator - Life is tough little wolf and I can’t even begin it in ICT class.

Hope you enjoy this report and stay tuned for the next update!