Unweekly Report 2021 No. 7

Hello, this is unweekly report No.7 from 2021! Please read the contents:


  • Status
  • Recent Played
  • Recent Project (Spice & Wolf)


Now it’s summer holiday! I have lots of free time in August (After August 6th).

I’ll be playing games (but sadly nothing fun released in summer holiday) and writing code.

Recent Played

Please check out my random diary series

Recent Project

I am working very hard on the Spice and Wolf fangame. But unfortunately this game will not be published to the open public as it uses lots of unlawful resources. When I finish most of the content, I will post it on Github in a less attracting way. Please notice that I may take down the resources at any time.

Currently all core system are finished. You will partner with Holo and later joined by famous Touhou characters. The project will be my first android project as well.

Please also stay tuned to Koto!!