Unweekly Report 2021 No. 9

Unweekly Report 2021 No. 9

Welcome back to another episode of Unweekly Report! This is the 9th report in year 2021.

Unfortunately, September went too fast. So this is a super late report coming from October.

When have this become a monthly journal?


  • School
  • Spice & Wolf: Merchants of Fantasy
  • Rune factory
  • Koto & TestSTG5 & Future STG Project
  • Timer dungeon

I. School

Recently, I’ve just finished the monthly test. Due to some reasons, I am banned from gaming and coding from Monday to Friday. So coding sessions can only be put in weekends. Even in weekends, the total time is restricted.

II. Spice & Wolf

Spice & Wolf is in a near-complete state right now. Now I am waiting for my partner Zhuky.RLG’s story and scripts. As soon as he finishes those paperwork, we will be releasing the game!

In the past few months, Zhuky.RLG has been writing stories and dialogues and Zzzyt has been doing proofreading for us. The game couldn’t be complete without their help.

The game is expected to be released this year and an Android version and a Desktop version will be released together.

It may receive many hotfixes after the release, however content release will be uncommon. Yes, it is still close-sourced.

III. Rune factory

I’ve played several games in the past months like Rune Factory 5, Warioware and Deltarune 2. All of them are incredibly wonderful.

IV. STG Project

TestSTG5 is mainly finished yesterday! The next project I will be working on is another STG made of TestSTG5 - ZJSTG2!

In this STG with 3 stages, you will seek the truth behind ZYQ’s suspension from school and discover YP’s secret inhumanely plan. Playing as PC-Man or XGN, enjoy 15 spellcards and a complete homemade OST! It will come in Chinese(native),English and Japanese.

A special track Queen dressed in notes ~ Miniature Economy(ID: HoF06) is specially made for this game! You can listen to this song early on Project Page. It’s also the 6th track of Hall of F album.

*Not a Touhou fangame

V. Timer dungeon

Long queue. Please stay tuned for more information :3

Probably start in 2022?