Unweekly Report 2021 No. 10

Unweekly Report 2021 No. 10

Welcome back to another episode of Unweekly Report! This is the 10th report in year 2021.


  • OI
  • ZJSTG2
  • Next project


    CSP is tomorrow. After that there will be NOIP. It’s just for fun.

Please note that I might be the problem proposer of NFLSPC this year. This will delay certain development process.


This game is at the top priority now! Now stage 1 has been done completely and I am planning to release a stage every 2 weeks.

Some more details:

  • Music: Zzzyt(Stage1, Stage3, Boss2) & XGN(Title, Boss1, Stage2, Boss2, Boss3, Ending, Staff)
  • Bosses
    • Stage1: ZYQ
    • Stage2: ZJL(Zhao Jinlan)
    • Stage3: YP

Next project

Timer Dungeon should be the next project but unfortunately I have to delay that. I want to write a smaller project first.

So now the next project in schedule is Test Gacha Game(TGG). It will be a Touhou themed card game where two players fight.

The most exciting part is that this game will also be a multiplayer test. A server will be implemented first then the client will be implemented as well. If this is a success, it will be hosted on our server so you can play it ONLINE